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10 Tips to Upgrade Your Checkout Process

Upgrading your checkout process can get your customers to the finish line faster. One of the main challenges in ecommerce today is cart abandonment. Improving your checkout process can help your customers feel more secure from the beginning to the end of the checkout process and reduce the number of people who abandon their cart. […]

10 Tips to Run Business on WordPress & Blogger

10 Tips to Run Business on WordPress & Blogger

Blogging has significantly changed over the past few years. In the past, blogging was purely to satisfy a passion. Individuals established blogs according to their interests in various subjects. Almost accidently, once they had an audience they realized they could monetize their blogs through programs like Adsense and Clickbank by leveraging the traffic. Now a […]

Infographic - Consumer Psychology and eCommerce Checkouts

Consumer Psychology and E-Commerce Checkout

The internet is flooded with tips and tricks on 'How to attract the customer to your webs portal', but ever wondered what will make the customers 'stay'? Rather than attracting the customers, a major and a bigger problem posed by E-commerce websites is to keep the customers from abandoning the website while making the purchase.  […]

MObile sales and usage

Mobile Phones Sales Statistics Usage Trends

The advent of mobile phones in our day to day lives has given a sudden boost to the level of ease in our chores and activities. Be it communicating, event scheduling, entertainment or even shopping, smart phones have all our needs centered at just a simple single tap on the phone screen. To make things […]

Retailemall Blog - Remarketing for eCommerce Follow Customers Everywhere

10 Tips for eCommerce Remarketing: Follow Your Potential Customers Everywhere

We live in an online world; from college classes to dating and especially shopping, much of our social and professional lives exists more on the Internet than they do in reality. For an eCommerce business owner, this can be a dream, but also requires a lot of work, especially with millions of stores available at […]


Advantages of Buying T-Shirts Online

There are many advantages to purchasing t-shirts online. Whether you are thinking about buying custom t-shirts for yourself or others, online shopping for starters will definitely help you sort through the large volume and styles available in a more organized manner. Think about how many different types of designs and materials t-shirts come in. Maybe you […]

Mobile Apps

Mobile Trends India 2013 – Smart Insights

We proudly boast off the name crowned to our eon – ‘The Thumb Generation’. Our thumbs are constantly on the move performing so many activities every hour, each minute and each second! Texting, whatsapping, gaming and, not to forget, shopping! Wireless communication and held-hand devices have dominated our lives and thankfully will carry on doing […]


How Can a Blog Help eCommerce WebSite?

It’s true that ecommerce is ruling the roost at the moment! But, do you what it takes to build a winning ecommerce business? If not, you must! Today, Internet is duly filled with too many online websites trying to woo the customers that cut through their sites. If you really wish to place your business […]


5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your E-Commerce Website

Photo:   Everytime you come back from work and realise you need to revamp your wardrobe, don’t you cringe on the very thought of going out all the way to a mall? It's laborious, its time consuming and obviously it all seems superlative because we have the e-commerce website model changing our lives already. […]


6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Store Viral through Social Media

Photo by Steve Jurvetson / Flickr   You’ve got your e-commerce store all set up, products and services ready to go and now you’re wondering how to get the customer’s flooding the bandwidth with orders. Social media will reach out to all kinds of potential customer you might not have even thought about. But how […]